Kusuma Resource Centres

Kusuma Resource Centres (KRCs) in Hardoi and Sambalpur offer a wide range of educational resources for students, teachers and community members. In addition to the two KRCs in the district headquarters, we have established five Kusuma Satellite Resource Centres (KSRCs) in schools in both districts to support remote communities.

For students, KRCs offer book lending services, audio-visual materials and computers with internet access. Students participate in English communication, basic computer and creative writing courses, book and movie clubs, competitions, Science and Mathematics Olympiads, career guidance and life skills sessions. For teachers and HTs, KRCs provide training on library management, academic leadership, school planning and management, and offer peer-learning opportunities. For the community, they provide a safe place for their children to learn outside school, host career and education fairs for students and their parents.


Since 2014 we have:

  • Provided English communication courses to 972 students and basic computer courses to 750 students
  • Organised Science and Mathematics Olympiads for 2,487 students
  • Organised life skill workshops for 1,141 students
  • Provided career counseling services to 1,774 students
  • Formed 50 book and 50 movie clubs with 884 students
  • Organised education fairs for 2,272 students.


To know more about our KRC Sambalpur activities for the year, please click here and for KRC Hardoi activities, click here