Teacher gives back

The Kusuma Excellence Awards (KEA) recognise the valuable work of top performing teachers in Sambalpur and Hardoi. Winners of the award receive a cash prize of INR 10,000 and a choice of teaching and learning resources to use in their lessons.

Prabhudatta Hota, a teacher in Chemistry at Gangadhar Meher Junior College, Sambalpur received an award in 2016 and 2017. The head of the college nominated him both years due to the improvement in the performance of his students and his dedication to helping students outside of lessons. As part of his prize, Mr Hota chose an android-based tablet to download books, journals and research papers for use in his lessons. In the second year, he chose textbooks on organic and inorganic chemistry to help students prepare for entrance exams and professional science courses. Mr Hota believes that as a direct result of these resources two of his students have qualified for medical entrance exams, two have been accepted at the National Institute of Technology and a further 12 students have qualified for entrance exams to study engineering.

“These awards have instilled a lot of confidence in me as a person and teacher. I only received this award because of the performance of my students and therefore whatever I receive must be utilised for their development. This is why as part of my prize I chose books for my students so that they have the best possible chance to go on and achieve even more than they already have.”