Teaching Interactive Science

Mr Satish Yadav is a Science teacher at the Government Inter College, Tadiyawan in Hardoi. Mr Yadav has 24 years teaching experience and always felt that students were disinterested in studying Science. After participating in training and receiving support from Kusuma he changed the way he delivered his Science lessons. He began explaining concepts through demonstrations, practical experiments and making models from local resources to explain Science theories.


Mr Yadav has used plastic bottles to explain the working principle of a syphon and in order to explain the concept of air pressure he developed a working model of a helicopter. As students showed more interest, he began encouraging them to develop and build their own Science models. His prime focus is now to make all of his teaching activity- oriented and engaging for all students.


“Since attending the Kusuma training I now love teaching Science and working with students using models. It really helps them understand the theory and its application in real life. It also makes the classroom more fun, interesting and interactive.”