Top teachers engage students

Jyoti Prabha teaches Science to classes 9 and 10 in the Government Girls Inter College, Sandila, Hardoi. Due to the large number of students in her classes she had concerns that they were struggling to understand basic concepts. She contacted Kusuma for support. Kusuma’s District Resource Group, a set of mentors who provide guidance and coaching gave her resources that help explain concepts and trained her to use activities drawing on examples from daily life.

Ms Prabha now regularly uses the resources and receives regular mentoring from a mentor. Her classes are more interactive, based on real life situations and she regularly uses quizzes to introduce new topics. Despite the large number of students she now feels they are more engaged in the classroom, understand concepts better and are more confident in expressing their views. Because of the change in her students, she believes that her newfound positivity and enthusiasm is inspiring other teachers in the school.

“It is due to Ms Prabha that we get an opportunity to see, touch, use and fully understand science equipment in the laboratory. She takes us out of the classroom for group activities and we understand a topic better through her interesting activities. We always look forward to her class.”

Anjali Singh, a teacher at the Government Girls Inter College Bilgram attended Kusuma’s teacher training sessions, after which she introduced letter-writing to encourage students to write letters to her every month. Students started sharing both academic and personal challenges and Ms Singh adapted her teaching methods and prioritised topics that need more explanation. Her students confidence has grown and students now share their thoughts openly in small groups.